I’ll keep your secrets..

What a crazy world we live in where it seems like all our thoughts and desires are secretly recorded by our phones and tablets and TVs and sent to big tech where it’s used to sell us the right brand of toothpaste..

But what’s cool is that there will always be an underground of humans who want to connect in private and share our thoughts and deepest darkest desires with another.. there’s something sexy about doing things in secret.. my generation especially has a real problem with living online.. but i’ve always enjoyed living privately.. for my and your eyes only ;)

Dancing in my panties = Peeping Tom!

I love to dance and today I was dancing in my room, getting a lil carried away, in my lace panties, really feeling sexy and cute.. and when I looked up at my window, my neighbor was staring back at me!! I was a little surprised but not too surprised.. it has happened before!!! I don’t really mind lol.. guess I’m kind of an exhibitionist.. ;)

I guess since we are all cooped up I really can’t blame a lonely guy for wanting to get a whiff of my sweaty body!!

Hope to meet you soon!


Anya Jewel – Best Los Angeles Incall Outcall Full Body Sensual Massage, FBSM, Erotic Hotel Massage, Domination Massage, BDSM, Independent Escort GFE

U can’t always get what U want..

But if u try sometime.. you just might.. get what you need!! πŸ’‹

Have you been having a rough day or a rough week or even a rough month? You might want to switch up your routine a little.. maybe get smacked around a little.. maybe get a little spanking or a little bit of hair pulling?

You never know.. you just might feel better.. 😊

Check out my special Dom Massage page for all the info on this unique take on FBSM!

hope to meet you soon!!😍❀️😍

Xoxo.. πŸ’‹πŸ’‹


Anya Jewel – Best Los Angeles LA Incall Outcall Full Body Sensual Massage, FBSM, Erotic Massage, Body Rubs, Findom, BDSM

Darling it’s Cold Outside!!

Let’s warm up together with a wonderful massage.. a sensual massage.. an erotic massage.. at your place or mine!! I have a cozy and warm massage studio in the San Fernando Valley. I also offer outcalls to upscale hotels for my out of town guests..

Hope to meet you soon!!



Anya Jewel – Best Los Angeles LA Incall Outcall Full Body Sensual Massage, Erotic Hotel Massage

Tips for a #1 Massage

Make the most out of our session! Some tips for getting the best massage:

Tip #1: Tell the masseuse what you like.. and what you don’t like! If you prefer deep tissue, let me know.. if you have a broken toe, let me know too! Masseuses’ love to make people happy.. :)

Tip #2: Forget about tip #1! Lol right? What I’m trying to say is that sometime’s it a good idea to just lay back and let me do the work..

I’ve had clients come in and tell me that they have NEVER let anyone touch there feet.. after they’ve had a 20 minute foot massage! It was so good that they didn’t even remember their “old” predilections..

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Toned and Trim

Hi guys! Did you know that I LOVE working out?? Some might even say that I’m a bit addicted to it!! My main focus is dance but I am also obsessed with Yoga and love love love love to hike!! It’s the best thing in the world.. I even dream about it!! come by and say hi and see for yourself what a good workout can do for a body.. ;)

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Top Los Angeles Travel Massage, Hotel Massage, Relax near LAX!

Summer traveling can often lead to cramped muscles and short tempers.. don’t let that happen to you on your next trip to Los Angeles!

I travel to most places within LA but if you’ve got a a short layover here in the city, don’t underestimate how awesome it can be to book a room, take a hot shower, stretch out on your bed.. and get a silky smooth massage from a sexy girl!!

It’ll make your travel day a bazillion times better!! :)

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