playing dress up

ever since I was little I loved to play dress up.. I used to have this chest in my bedroom that had all sorts of sparkly fabrics and shawls from foreign lands that my mom would get for me on her travels around the world.. it was a way to relieve stress and go into another world for a short while..

so now! i still love to play dress up from time to time but it’s with super sexy slutty clothes!! because I really can’t dress like this in real life.. I normally dress cute and fun but if I were to wear these whore clothes down the street I will be abducted and sold to the cartel lol!! actually not LOL that would be horrifying..

anyways when I used to have a boyfriend I would play dress up for him and he LOVEDDD it.. but now I just do it for myself and prance around and sometimes take pictures..


Multiple Releases

you guyssss I just wanna say that if you had met me about 6 months ago I was a totally different person!!! I was outwardly very outgoing and sexual.. but inwardly I felt like such a goody two shoes prudish lil girl!! I was always nervous and scared.. but then a bunch of stuff happened this past winter (which you can ask me about in person and I will tell you all the juicy details).. and now I am a new me!!

anyways.. I used to feel very weird about this whole “multiple releases” thing.. becuase I sort of had developed a timeline for how I was going to rub you down.. muscles, dick, and all.. and then people would ask about multiple releases and I would short circuit!! like ummm what did you ask?? I don’t know how!!

but now.. I GOT YOU!! the best thing for you to do is to book a 2 hour session and ask me ahead of time so that and can factor that into our time together.. and then.. we will have a fantastic session full of joy and wonder and sensuality and new experiences..


full moon desires

there is something so sexy and sensual about a full moon.. today I went on a really long hike.. I started at about 6:10pm.. and ended at 9pm.. which meant I caught the california golden hour and the sunset and the twilight and the full moon which I for sure stared at for what seemed like infinity and beyond.. I used to do this hike regularly. but then something in my personal life happened involving someone who lived in the palidsades.. and from this hike you can see all of the palisades in all of its glory.. and on a clear day you can see santa monica and the pacific ocean and sometimes even catalina island,… what a gorgeous hike!! anyways the last time I hiked this a few months ago I just cried the whole time thinking about the palisades past and what that turned into.. but TODAY I am a new girl!! and I did the hike and remebered all the spots I used to sit and cry at.. but TODAY I enjoyed them and loved them even more!!!! “ocean in view.. oh joy!” —- if you know this quote I will give you an extra good hug when I see you next

funny story

okay trigger warning for those of you but I’m not telling you what the trigger is LOL!!

okay so when I was in high school I dated a boy and we had sex for the first time together.. that is a whole story and is really funny and sweet and cute.. but basically we continuted to have sex and he DID NOT CARE whether I was ON my period or NOT!! how romantic lol!

he was like let’s just put down a towel and then throw it in the dumpster.. and maybe that is why I get really really horny when I’m on my period?? my theory is that I’m already “wet” if you know what I mean.. so therefore I am feeling like I want a cock in me..

ANYWAYS I went on to date a guy who was like nahhh I’m good on that.. good thing you have a butthole!! so that is the go to hole for when a girl is on her period.. just fuck her in the ass!! :)

Wet dreams..

I really like to sleep and I think that sleep is VERY important and I have a very very active dream life.. I remember my dreams for years, or I guess I could say forever.. and especially throughout the day I can see them and remember them.. it;s almost like a flavor that sticks around… like if you eat garlic and then all day you taste garlic in your mouth.. all day I see this dream..

I used to be plagued by nightmares every night.. but recently i’ve had a lot of premonitions and visions of the future that have totally come true.. it’s bizarre and many of you won’t believe me but it’s true. I am super tapped into the people closest to me.. to the point where I have predicted deaths!! it’s creepy and weird..

OKAY but ANYWAYSSSSS my good and fun dreams are always sex related!! like I will meet a guy and we will hit it off and then we will fuck.. and I will ALMOST cum.. and then my heart will start racing and i’ll wake up like ABOUT to cum.. so in the middle of night it’s better to just get it over with then try to go back to sleep like that..

I had a dream last night that this guy I used to know basically kidnapped me and he was driving really fast through this massive warehouse.. it was like a maze.. and I kept asking him where we were going and when I looked out the window all I saw was white walls blurring and spiraling together.. finally we wound up in this empty room and he was like okay roll over and started fucking me from behind.. it was definitely not a wet dream!! kind of creepy and weird but there you have it..

GFE Massage

so sometimes I get asked about GFE.. becuase here is the deal. about one year ago, I started using the tag.. yes the TAG.. which is an SEO term aka a nerdy website building term… okay soooo.. here is the deal..

NORMALLY gfe means girlfriend experience. and it usually applies to full service providers aka escorts. but I started tagging my posts with that because I think.. I BELIEVE.. that my massages are at a GIRLFRIEND level. my massages are the type of massage that come with having a loyal and loving and dedicated girlfriend who just wants to make you happy after a long days work.. and how do I know how to do that you ask? WELLLL you can ask me in person when I see you!! but basically I was with one/1/ONE guy for a million years and he got so many good massages and then I learned what a man wants!! which is basically what all humans/mammals want which is ATTENTION and care and detail.

as a gemini I want to know all about you.. as a horny girl I want to stroke your cock.. what a win win situation for you for everyone!!

anywayssss I only see a very select selection (lol) from those who wish to see me.. and if you’re in.. then youre’ in!! let’s PLAY… lets talk.. lets get those sensual juices flowing.. xoxoxoxoxo ;)

hi babe

soooo its’ no secret that I need to rub my pussy EVERYDAYYYYYYYYY… seriously. mostly in the mornings but if for some reason I am THWARTED then it will have to be in the evening… anyways I dunno why I am so horny. I literaly have sex dreams and have to masturbate in the middle of the night.. like EVERY night!! WTF.. its a blessing and a curse I guess.. and since I am a GIRL.. I can come like 200 times a day if I wanted.. I think my max was 6 in one session.. and you get to the point where its not even fun or enjoyable.. 2 is GOOD. actually 2 is GREAT. the third is kind of an indicator.. like am I depressed or something??? LOL

also something embarrasing I will share with yall is when.. I can’t cum cuz let’s just say “someone” is here.. so I TRY to go about my day.. but my pussy is throbbing and it’s not FAIRRRRRR…. so I am forced to jerk off in the weirdest places just so I can stop focusing on it.. mostly bathrooms.. and other places I cannot say.. aNYWAYYSSSS I hope my honesty entertains you or at least makes you feel more human or maybe you get hard and jerk off whatverrrr we are all gonna die soon so find someone who makes you laugh and try to have some fun

heres a picture of me and my ass on the stairs.. I’m wearing a very “NORMAL” outfit I guess? I think I bought my car in this outfit.. I like wear normal clothes and looking normal and then secretly being a freak

the ultimate foreplay..

u guys i just can’t help it… I love smart guys!!! maybe it’s because I’m a gemini and we are literally turned on by intellectual stimulation.. like I LITERALLY get horny and wet talking to a guy who has sh$t to say!!

to each their own I suppose but for me its a major turnoff when someone acts BORED!! like bored?? LOL!! there is so much in the world to see and do and even just think about! Im full of ideas and thoughts at all times.. I love connecting with people and learning from their life struggles/joys/wins/losses.. I truly TRULY TRULYYYYY believe that each one of has something we can learn from another..

anYWAYSSSS let’s get to my WAP (wet ass pussy for those of you not in on the pop culture slang) LOL.. so I have been in touch with a “civilian” let’s just call him.. I found out about him a few months ago and was kinda kinda kinda just a little bit stalking him.. but mostly because he is really private so it was hard to figure out his name and socials.. ANYWAYS one night I was just like.. you know what?? message him! why not?

so right there the foreplay begins becuase there is all this tension about OMG will he respond.. and he did right away and I literally squealed with delight!! and it was so much FUNNNN to play over text for a few days.. it was so EASY to talk and be flirty and silly.. just two strangers flirting over the internet..

so we decided to hang out.. there was a snafu that is a long story.. basically a miscommunication on his part that made me get nervous and back away. and then he gave a super sincere apology and I was like Okay I forgive you!! side note: the power of a sincere apology? come on.. it cannot be understated!!!

a thing about me is that I lucid dream EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. it’s a lot. so I had this really powerful dream where we were lying down, hanging out, talking.. he had his hands behind his head.. and he was just philosophizing and telling interesting stories and giving me all this widsom.. and I was hugging him and laughing and in true joy and amazement at our instant connection.. at one point we were flying over the city and he kept telling me to look down at how high we were.. and I was like no I can’t I’m too scared.. and he was like it’s okay I’ve got you, you won’t fall..

SO OF COURSE!! a few days later we are texting (still haven’t called or met up yet).. it’s like 1am and he very boldly asks if he can call me.. and i get all super nervous and i’m like OKAY YES YOU MAY!! and we talked..

for 2 hours and 7 minites!!

and it was just like my dream where it was so easy and fun and we laughed and I was literally smiling the WHOLE time.. and then i was the one who finally was like I think I have to go to bed now!! he could of kept going.. and before we got off the phone he was like okay I’ll talk to you tomorrow and my heart was beaming

FINAL part of this story is: that night, I dreamt that the two of us were traveling the world together.. just so happy and fun and carefree.. we went to all these crazy places like rural ghana and the turkish coast.. no touristy resort hotels for us!! we are adventurers.. at least in my dreams..

It’s Gemini Season!!

sooo… happy birthday to me!! honestly i’m not a big birthday person, I don’t usually do anything special and rarely even tell anyone! i’m more of a giver, I love to give people gifts on THEIR birthdays, but always feel awkward and undeserving when it’s mine..

but what I am super excited about is astrology becuase I am a true GEMINI through and through!! Gemini’s are:



youthful and childlike

we are super turned on by matters of the mind! we love to talk and have deep intellectual conversations into the wee hours.. the last few guys i’ve dated, when we first met, we literally stayed up ALL night talking until the early birds start to sing and the sun came up.. how romantic!!

our sign is the twins which means we have enough energy for 2 people! we are also NEVER EVER BORED.. cuz in the wise words of Harvey Danger: “if you’re bored then you’re boring”

i love uuuuuu

u guys I am entering a new stage of life where I love everyone!!!! or at least I will try to love everyone.. to keep it real I fell in love really hard in December 2020 when I got dicked down so hard it was like whattttt issss goingggg onnnnn and I was sent flying to another planet.. but ever since then I am like, okay, let’s harness the power or sex! and love everyone! okay that’s all for now. I hope to see you soon and also I’m sorry but Im very picky about who I see, sooooo xooxoxoxoxo!