full moon desires

there is something so sexy and sensual about a full moon.. today I went on a really long hike.. I started at about 6:10pm.. and ended at 9pm.. which meant I caught the california golden hour and the sunset and the twilight and the full moon which I for sure stared at for what seemed like infinity and beyond.. I used to do this hike regularly. but then something in my personal life happened involving someone who lived in the palidsades.. and from this hike you can see all of the palisades in all of its glory.. and on a clear day you can see santa monica and the pacific ocean and sometimes even catalina island,… what a gorgeous hike!! anyways the last time I hiked this a few months ago I just cried the whole time thinking about the palisades past and what that turned into.. but TODAY I am a new girl!! and I did the hike and remebered all the spots I used to sit and cry at.. but TODAY I enjoyed them and loved them even more!!!! “ocean in view.. oh joy!” —- if you know this quote I will give you an extra good hug when I see you next