funny story

okay trigger warning for those of you but I’m not telling you what the trigger is LOL!!

okay so when I was in high school I dated a boy and we had sex for the first time together.. that is a whole story and is really funny and sweet and cute.. but basically we continuted to have sex and he DID NOT CARE whether I was ON my period or NOT!! how romantic lol!

he was like let’s just put down a towel and then throw it in the dumpster.. and maybe that is why I get really really horny when I’m on my period?? my theory is that I’m already “wet” if you know what I mean.. so therefore I am feeling like I want a cock in me..

ANYWAYS I went on to date a guy who was like nahhh I’m good on that.. good thing you have a butthole!! so that is the go to hole for when a girl is on her period.. just fuck her in the ass!! :)