GFE Massage

so sometimes I get asked about GFE.. becuase here is the deal. about one year ago, I started using the tag.. yes the TAG.. which is an SEO term aka a nerdy website building term… okay soooo.. here is the deal..

NORMALLY gfe means girlfriend experience. and it usually applies to full service providers aka escorts. but I started tagging my posts with that because I think.. I BELIEVE.. that my massages are at a GIRLFRIEND level. my massages are the type of massage that come with having a loyal and loving and dedicated girlfriend who just wants to make you happy after a long days work.. and how do I know how to do that you ask? WELLLL you can ask me in person when I see you!! but basically I was with one/1/ONE guy for a million years and he got so many good massages and then I learned what a man wants!! which is basically what all humans/mammals want which is ATTENTION and care and detail.

as a gemini I want to know all about you.. as a horny girl I want to stroke your cock.. what a win win situation for you for everyone!!

anywayssss I only see a very select selection (lol) from those who wish to see me.. and if you’re in.. then youre’ in!! let’s PLAY… lets talk.. lets get those sensual juices flowing.. xoxoxoxoxo ;)