hi babe

soooo its’ no secret that I need to rub my pussy EVERYDAYYYYYYYYY… seriously. mostly in the mornings but if for some reason I am THWARTED then it will have to be in the evening… anyways I dunno why I am so horny. I literaly have sex dreams and have to masturbate in the middle of the night.. like EVERY night!! WTF.. its a blessing and a curse I guess.. and since I am a GIRL.. I can come like 200 times a day if I wanted.. I think my max was 6 in one session.. and you get to the point where its not even fun or enjoyable.. 2 is GOOD. actually 2 is GREAT. the third is kind of an indicator.. like am I depressed or something??? LOL

also something embarrasing I will share with yall is when.. I can’t cum cuz let’s just say “someone” is here.. so I TRY to go about my day.. but my pussy is throbbing and it’s not FAIRRRRRR…. so I am forced to jerk off in the weirdest places just so I can stop focusing on it.. mostly bathrooms.. and other places I cannot say.. aNYWAYYSSSS I hope my honesty entertains you or at least makes you feel more human or maybe you get hard and jerk off whatverrrr we are all gonna die soon so find someone who makes you laugh and try to have some fun

heres a picture of me and my ass on the stairs.. I’m wearing a very “NORMAL” outfit I guess? I think I bought my car in this outfit.. I like wear normal clothes and looking normal and then secretly being a freak