how to give a woman a sensual massage in 3 steps

I love to give massages and I’ve heard from a lot of my clients that they love to give them too!! Before you go getting all excited, in my sessions the massage is all about YOU, not me!! so yes, I KNOW you would LOVE to give me a massage, especially a sensual one, but that’s not a possibility.. sorry my lovelies!!!

anyways, if you’ve got a special lady in mind, there are a few prep things you need to do first.. make the room nice and sexy! think candles, dim lighting, red lighting, soft music, and nice smells.. ambiance is key!

the 3 steps is about 3 types of touch: Light touch, medium pressure, and FIRM presssure

  1. Light Touch: give her some nice light strokes using your fingertips. ALL OVER! women LOVE to be teased..
  2. Medium Touch: number one was all about the skin.. now we are going for the muscles.. give her some firm manly strokes to let her know what kind of a guy you are!
  3. FIRM pressure: okay if this is someone who you regularly have sex with, she is going to love this crazy buildup to fuck town!!! if this is a first time girl, of course you gotta ask if shed like to be penetrated by your FIRM HARD COCK!!

and there you go!! a wonderful evening is complete :)

Hope to meet you soon!


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