It’s Gemini Season!!

sooo… happy birthday to me!! honestly i’m not a big birthday person, I don’t usually do anything special and rarely even tell anyone! i’m more of a giver, I love to give people gifts on THEIR birthdays, but always feel awkward and undeserving when it’s mine..

but what I am super excited about is astrology becuase I am a true GEMINI through and through!! Gemini’s are:



youthful and childlike

we are super turned on by matters of the mind! we love to talk and have deep intellectual conversations into the wee hours.. the last few guys i’ve dated, when we first met, we literally stayed up ALL night talking until the early birds start to sing and the sun came up.. how romantic!!

our sign is the twins which means we have enough energy for 2 people! we are also NEVER EVER BORED.. cuz in the wise words of Harvey Danger: “if you’re bored then you’re boring”