Massage is good for your Mind, Body, & Soul

Of course you already know this but it’s nice to have a reminder to take care of yourself from time to time!

Good for Your Mind

Most of us live in our heads on a regular basis.

With endless to-do lists, thoughts, worries, etc, we barely have time to be still and stop for a moment to breathe.

Massage therapy can help facilitate deep relaxation; to the point of going within, touching the silence, and being in the present moment.

Time slows down, breath slows down, and relaxation occurs.

Good for Your Body

We all know human touch is powerful.

It’s necessary in fact for human survival.

Massage therapy can relieve tension in muscles and release long built up constrictions in fascia (the web of tissue surrounding all of your organs and muscles) which can allow fluidity and wellness to return to your body.

In addition, massage therapy releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones causing the same euphoric feeling as physical exercise.

This is all facilitated for you by a competent massage therapist.

You don’t have to do anything except let go, melt into the table, breathe deeply, and relax.

Massage feels good down to your cells.

Good for Your Soul

With your mind quieting down and your body relaxing, your spirit (soul) soars.

This profound relaxation allows you to connect to the higher aspects of yourself which in turn connects you to everyone and everything.

We are all one.

And when one of us heals, we all heal.. :)

Hope to meet you soon!!

xoxo.. <3 <3 Anya  

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