Pro Tip for a great massage..

I hate to be blunt but there is really only one way to say this.. brush your teeth!! Hygiene is super important for all things in life, but especially when you are planning to be close to someone, like when you’re going to get a massage!

I am well aware that men are big hairy animals so I personally don’t mind the normal odors of a healthy man.. You know, as in you got a little sweaty driving over to see me, not quite as in you haven’t bathed since the day before lol..

But one thing that is super easy to do is to make sure your breath does not stink!! I recently saw someone who was SUPER nice.. SUPER sweet.. and SUPER generous.. he was such a nice guy but had just the absolute worst breath that literally filled the entire room.

Now I am way too polite to say anything to him as are most people that he probably interacts with.. soooo basically it created an atmostphere where I felt like I was holding my breath and thus, not being quite as into the massage as I normally would be.. it was pretty awful!!

Just remember that it’s important to brush your teeth 3 times a day and ALSO.. that if you don’t eat anything for a while you’re breath will start to stink too!! And if you can’t get a brushing in, get some travel mouth wash or mints!

95% of my clients smell like lovely people lol but for the other 5% I wish you the best of luck!!

Hope to meet you soon!


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