Strap-on Anal Play & Pegging

If you’re looking to REALLY be dominated by a sexy Los Angeles cutie, try strap-on play! It’s OH so Fun! ;)

Imagine a hot, long legged girl wearing a strap on with a dildo attached.. now imagine her coating your puckering anus with lots of warming lube.. and then penetrating you.. oh how wonderful it is to be dominated!

This session is for upscale hotel outcalls only because trust me, we will need to use the entire bed for you to squirm around on!

We start the session with a relaxing therapeutic massage. You’ve probably had a long day, been on a plane, or been working HARD. Let me get into those muscles and release those knots!

Let’s work on your sensual side and get your juices flowing. Loving strokes will get you to a happy edge before moving on to some high end penetration!