I don’t use Facebook

this might sound crazy but I have NEVER had a facebook!!! Am I a super weirdo?? when I was a little kid and everyone was getting on I wasn’t even interested in it.. I always felt like I’d rather just talk to my friends in person.. and who cares what strangers think?

i’ve heard from psychologists that your core personality is formed at about 5 years old.. and it’s so true for me.. I didn’t care about sharing my personal life then, and I still don’t care about it now!!

I do like to share thoughts on my blog but the usual facebook and instagram stuff about what I did last night, who I hung out with, political rants.. I just don’t wanna do it lol!!! also this is really dumb but another reason I never got on FB was becuase I didn’t like their colors.. that blue is so ugly!!! I’m kind of picky about my style..

anyways let’s talk IN PERSON!!! and have a wonderful fabulous realy life experince together.. sounds like so much fun!

Hope to meet you soon!


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