Busy Girl, horny girl, Wild Girl!

Hello my lovelies!! I’ve been so super busy lately tending to my top favorite clients, meeting new people, enjoying the city coming back to life and all the craziness that comes with it..

sometime recently came up and I thought I’d write briefly about it:

I used to use my blog and Twitter to solely advertise my services and then about a year or so ago I started getting more “real”.. Saying what was on my mind and how I was feeling.. so for example, if I was feeling really wild and crazy and horny, I would tweet it out! fantasies, kinks, fun stuff.. stuff that the internet is made for lol!!

lately people have been taking this kind of the wrong way.. like a new client will write in and say “hey, I’m looking to see you, but I’d really like to do the stuff that’s on your blog versus what you are actually offering..” hmmmm.. thats definitely a red flag for me so no thank you!!

the point of the blog of to give you guys an insight into my mind.. becuase when you book a sensual massage, or prostate massage, or bdsm dommassage, or even a strap on session, you are also getting a chance to hangout with me.. and I LOVE TO HAVE FUN!!! it does not mean I secretly want to get fucked by strangers, or have a gang bang, or walk into a party naked and have everyone come rub me down.. we can TALK and FaNTASIzE about these things for sure!! but just remember that the name of the blog is “forbidden fruit” and the options for seeing me are still on the rest of the website.. and I guarantee you that you will leave with a smile on your face!!! (everyone does wink wink)