Back 2 School!

Hullo my lovelies! We are in the dog days of summer here in SoCal.. it’s so hot and dry here but alas, school will not wait! I kind of love the feeling of getting ready for the new year, getting cute new school outfits.. buying notebooks and colored pencils and markers.. When I was in high school I was OBSESSED with wearing skirts and dresses.. And yes, they were super duper short!! I did wear cute sheer tights under them but still.. they were a little teeny bit inappropriate and MAYBEEE just MAYBEEE got me in a little bit of trouble.. with some of the male teachers!!! Let’s talk about it in a special FBSM session hmmm?? I’d love to hear stories of your high school and college years.. especially all your crazy escapades!! Check out my contact form and get in touch with me ASAP you crazy boy.. ;)

Hope to meet you soon!



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