how to have the perfect relationship

its so simple! find someone that you can have passionate sex with for hours on end who you can ALSO have deep meaningful soul affirming conversations with! LOL.. it’s so simple.. now the trouble is finding that person who checks all your boxes and doesn’t annoy you and who you can tolerate for more than a couple days.. in reality I’m finding that maybe it’s better to divvy up these needs.. like getting a great fuck buddy.. and having a few best friends!! i’ve been listening to this relationship therapist Esther Perel. Shes’ from France and is always saying how us dumb Americans want ONE PERSON to be EVERYTHING TO US.. and how in France they are soooo smart and realize that one person could never fulfill the varied needs of the nuanced and layered human being! you guys should check her out.. anyways, at the very least we humans do need to fuck.. and we do need to have our minds stimulated. and we do need to have our hearts stimulated.. so maybe one person will do the job or maybe it’ll take a village lol!

hope to meet you soon!

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