The Great Conjunction..

2020 is ending with a BANG!!! you guys.. this year has obviously been crazy for everyone.. but the last couple weeks have been truly paradigm shifting for me.. let’s just say I had an “encounter”.. and then felt like I was on ACID for the next week.. I couldn’t eat or sleep and was constantly thinking about this person.. have I been dickstitized?? (in case you don’t know dickstitized is Dick + Hypnotized).. I am finally starting to get back to normal but I feel really really different.. in a good way.. and I’ve been channeling my NYMPHO energy into my sessions.. my regulars are like “what the hell are you on?!?” and I’m like “just some good ol fashioned dick” LOL!

ughhhh this world can be so rough and then all of a sudden you turn around and are swept off your feet.. I hope you all are having some fun out there.. remember, we could all get hit by a comet tomorrow and perish! So might as well add some excitement to your life now!

Hope to meet you soon!


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