the ultimate foreplay..

u guys i just can’t help it… I love smart guys!!! maybe it’s because I’m a gemini and we are literally turned on by intellectual stimulation.. like I LITERALLY get horny and wet talking to a guy who has sh$t to say!!

to each their own I suppose but for me its a major turnoff when someone acts BORED!! like bored?? LOL!! there is so much in the world to see and do and even just think about! Im full of ideas and thoughts at all times.. I love connecting with people and learning from their life struggles/joys/wins/losses.. I truly TRULY TRULYYYYY believe that each one of has something we can learn from another..

anYWAYSSSS let’s get to my WAP (wet ass pussy for those of you not in on the pop culture slang) LOL.. so I have been in touch with a “civilian” let’s just call him.. I found out about him a few months ago and was kinda kinda kinda just a little bit stalking him.. but mostly because he is really private so it was hard to figure out his name and socials.. ANYWAYS one night I was just like.. you know what?? message him! why not?

so right there the foreplay begins becuase there is all this tension about OMG will he respond.. and he did right away and I literally squealed with delight!! and it was so much FUNNNN to play over text for a few days.. it was so EASY to talk and be flirty and silly.. just two strangers flirting over the internet..

so we decided to hang out.. there was a snafu that is a long story.. basically a miscommunication on his part that made me get nervous and back away. and then he gave a super sincere apology and I was like Okay I forgive you!! side note: the power of a sincere apology? come on.. it cannot be understated!!!

a thing about me is that I lucid dream EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. it’s a lot. so I had this really powerful dream where we were lying down, hanging out, talking.. he had his hands behind his head.. and he was just philosophizing and telling interesting stories and giving me all this widsom.. and I was hugging him and laughing and in true joy and amazement at our instant connection.. at one point we were flying over the city and he kept telling me to look down at how high we were.. and I was like no I can’t I’m too scared.. and he was like it’s okay I’ve got you, you won’t fall..

SO OF COURSE!! a few days later we are texting (still haven’t called or met up yet).. it’s like 1am and he very boldly asks if he can call me.. and i get all super nervous and i’m like OKAY YES YOU MAY!! and we talked..

for 2 hours and 7 minites!!

and it was just like my dream where it was so easy and fun and we laughed and I was literally smiling the WHOLE time.. and then i was the one who finally was like I think I have to go to bed now!! he could of kept going.. and before we got off the phone he was like okay I’ll talk to you tomorrow and my heart was beaming

FINAL part of this story is: that night, I dreamt that the two of us were traveling the world together.. just so happy and fun and carefree.. we went to all these crazy places like rural ghana and the turkish coast.. no touristy resort hotels for us!! we are adventurers.. at least in my dreams..